Grand Night

15 November 2018 - 19:00 to 23:00

Registration: 18:45
A reception precedes Grand Night. 

Grand Night is offered only once every academic year and is one of the most popular nights among all of the Inn's members. Come meet, dine and continue the centuries old tradition of passing the 'loving cup' with some very prestigious guests of the Inn!

I thoroughly enjoyed Grand Night both in terms of company, food and above all the uniqueness of the evening!

Please note that this event is not accredited as a Qualifying Session. 


Benchers should email Michelle Clark for further information. Benchers and their guests are asked to arrive by 18:30. The dress code for Benchers is White Tie and decorations.

Members can book and pay online via the Gray's Inn Online System (GIOS). 

Member login: Gray's Inn Online System (GIOS)

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