Griffin LAW

19 March 2019 - 09:00 to 18:30

This event is part of the Griffin LAW (Law and Advocacy Workshops). Griffin LAW promotes social mobility and access to the Bar, introducing secondary and sixth form students to the legal profession through skills workshops. 

Griffin students take part in a bespoke 8 week skills course which is delivered by student members of Gray’s who have successfully completed the Inn’s eight week Griffin Mentor training programme.

The event

Students from a variety of schools will play the roles of counsel in a mock trial debate in Hall, where they will put their knowledge and skills into practice.

This day is the culmination of the 8 week course.  


This event is not open for general member booking. 

Student members of the Inn can apply to become a Griffin LAW mentor in the October of each academic year. 

Schools interested in participating should contact the Education Department.