Gray's Inn

Miscellany 2018

12 December 2018 - 19:00

Members of Gray's Inn Miscellany present this year's show Gray's In Space.

All members are welcome to attend, and student members are particularly encouraged!

Miscellany is the Inn's annual Christmas show organised by and starring its members.

See the Get Involved section for further information regarding Miscellany and who to contact if you are interested in taking part.

Location: Hall
Drinks: 6.45pm
Performance: 7.15pm
Supper: 9.15pm


Booking will open approximately 8 weeks prior to the event and will close, (for barrister members) 4 clear working days and (for student members) 5 clear working days before the event. 
Members can book and pay online for most Inn events via the Gray's Inn Online System (GIOS):

Member login: Gray's Inn Online System (GIOS)

Benchers should email Michelle Clark in the Treasury Office.


Tickets at £45 per person 

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