Paperless Advocacy Training

09 February 2021 - 17:30 to 19:30

A seminar on Paperless Advocacy Training.

Speakers: Darren Howe QC, Elizabeth Isaacs QC, and Matthew Maynard


Open to pupils and barrister members of all Inns.

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It is very important that you carefully read the following information so you understand the steps you must take before attending the training.

If you have not completed all that is specified prior to the seminar, the event will be of little or no benefit to you.


  1. The training will cover the use of 2 PDF management software programmes that are popular with those already working without paper.:
  2. 1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (for Macbooks, Windows laptops and Windows tablets)
  3. 2. PDF Expert (for iPad and Macbooks).
  4. This training event will not demonstrate any other software programme so those attending need to have purchased at least 1 of the above.
  5. Both software programmes share common features but Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has tools that are not available with PDF Expert. Those tools are required to meet the terms of the ebundle practice guidance applied in the Family and Civil courts so we recommend that all delegates for this training opt for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC if only choosing 1 of the 2 programmes we are to use.
  6. When working paperlessly, we recommend that you have 2 devices - a laptop and a tablet. If nothing more, with 2 devices both holding the court bundle, you are safe and able to continue working should one device fail. For reasons we will explain, an Ipad alone is not, in our opinion, adequate.
  7. We have identified a number of key skills that you will need to master if working without paper in court. The training will be provided on a skill-by-skill basis covering both software platforms. If you only have one device, you will be waiting when the same skill is presented for the 2nd device, but this will give you an opportunity to practice.
  8. You must have installed Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on your Macbook, Windows laptop or Windows tablet prior to attending the training event. This software requires a subscription to be paid, although a free trial is available. This is not the same as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Reader has a red square icon when installed. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has a square black icon when installed. Check that you have the correct version of the software and please ensure that you attend the event with this software installed and working on your device.
  9. No assistance can be given by the trainers with the installation and registration of software so do please check that your software is fully operational before the commencement of the seminar.
  10. If you are using an iPad in addition to a laptop, please attend with a working version of PDF Expert installed on your device. To purchase this App a fee is charged. You should install the most recent version of the App. Again, it will not be possible for the trainers to assist you to fix installation or registration problems.

Sample PDF Files

  1. Prior to the seminar you will receive some pdf files that will be used within the training. These files must be downloaded and saved to your device prior to your attendance at the training venue. If you do not have these files pre-downloaded and accessible on your device, the training will be of little or no benefit to you. Holding the files on your email is not the same as having them saved to the memory of your device.

Paperless Advocacy Tips and Traps

  1. Following the completion of the software teaching section of the seminar, the trainers will discuss and demonstrate how they work paperlessly when preparing and presenting cases in Court. We all have our own ways of managing ebundles and it will be of assistance to you to understand those different habits and, perhaps, pick what you think will work best for you. Other useful software programmes, devices and other equipment might be mentioned during this part of the training for you to follow-up with as may be appropriate for you.
  2. We will also demonstrate how to screen-share from the PDF management software platforms so you can effectively put written evidence to witnesses, and to the Judge, when attending court remotely via a video conferencing application.
  3. We hope that you enjoy the training provided and will all soon be attending court with small bags containing just a laptop and a tablet (if you are fortunate enough to be attending court in person!).

In summary:

For use with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

  • Your own laptop (Mac or Windows) or Windows tablet
  • Your own Adobe Acrobat Pro DC software downloaded and working on your device
  • The four PDF documents (that you will receive from the trainer by email a few days ahead of the session) downloaded to your device’s desktop
  • The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC skills paper (that you will receive from the trainer by email a few days ahead of the session).

For use with PDF Expert:

  • Your own iPad (or Macbook).
  • Your own PDF Expert App downloaded and working on your iPad
  • The PDF documents (that you will receive from the trainer by email a few days ahead of the session) on your iPad
  • The PDF Expert skills paper (that you will receive from the trainer by email a few days ahead of the session).



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