Wellbeing webinar

21 July 2020 - 17:30 to 18:45

Wellbeing and Resilience - a practical skills approach to managing your wellbeing and resilience with Dr Bill Mitchell. 

Registration: 5.15pm
Qualifying Session (QS): 1 QS

This event will be delivered remotely (via Zoom). Following developments and updated Government guidance in relation to the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) the Inn is operating a minimum service. Please see our dedicated Covid-19 page for the latest updates on the Inn’s response to Covid-19. 


We are pleased to invite you to a session with expert Dr Bill Mitchell a hugely experienced clinical psychologist who has worked with our Bar colleagues helping them to find a way to maintain psychological wellbeing and resilience.  Bill knows well the pressures we are all under, the challenges we face, the commitment we have to our work and the hopes we all have about what we can achieve.  But in addition to these normal pressures, right now we are also grappling with disrupted routines, dislocated from colleagues, friends and family, we are living with unprecedented levels of uncertainty which can make us feel more anxious or disturb our mood and psychological wellbeing.  Bill will guide us through a practical approach to create and reinforce a balancing system to manage those pressures and disruptions. 

The session will cover what Bill believes are the core building blocks of psychological resilience:

  • Maintaining a strong physiological base for good mental health.

  • Seeing what we can take control of and how we can compensate for the difficult circumstances we are in rather than feeling helpless.

  • Developing a mind-set and mental habits to maintain stable mood and manage feelings of anxiety.

The session emphasises the importance of how we structure the day for balance, clarity of priorities and also a sense of purpose and meaning which are critical for mental health. Bill will help you create a system to protect time for good sleep, time for your relationships and importantly time for you, time which can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by too many demands.

View the animated film which he narrates on the wellbeing at the bar website.


Open to student and pupil Members of the Inn.

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