Information on the Inn's response in relation to the Covid-19 virus (Coronavirus) will be regularly updated on this page.  

This page was last updated on 26 July 2021

Details of our current service in line with government guidance can be found below.

All measures will be kept under review and in line with government guidance as it develops.

The safety of our Members, staff and visitors is our top priority and we remind all to follow Public Health England’s guidance. 

Updates to our response will be published on our website and social media and we will notify our Members directly where possible. 

On this page:

Contact us 

We will continue to support our Members, and you can still get in touch with us by email and on the phone, however, please note that it may take a little longer than usual for us to respond to queries during this period due to amended working patterns for our staff.

If you're not sure who to get in touch with, please email enquiries to our general Gray's Inn inbox and one of our team will get back to you.

If you have arranged an essential visit to one of our offices, please complete the Inn's Covid-19 Visitor Questionnaire.

NHS Test and Trace 

The Inn is displaying the official NHS COVID-19 app QR Code throughout the Estate 

All visitors must scan this code with their mobile device on entrance to help to slow the spread of the virus, and help normal life to resume more quickly.

Covid-19 Risk Assesment 

The following tools are intending to support all businesses keep people safe from the risk of COVID19 when returning to work. 

The tools have been created by a team of Health & Safety experts from Frankham Risk Management Services Ltd.


The following includes the measures we have implemented in order to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 and keep our guests safe during their stay with us and whilst using our facilities.

Covid-19 Emergency Fund Appeal 

A Covid-19 Emergency Fund Appeal has been launched on behalf of the Barristers' Benevolent Association and the Inns for members of the Bar adversely affected by Covid-19 and the closure of the courts. All four Inns have contributed generously to this appeal and those eligible for their support should visit the BBA website for more details. 

Donations can also be made via the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and Just Giving.

Your donation could make a very real difference. 

Gray’s Inn Hardship Working Group  

The Management Committee is acutely aware of the pressures presently faced by very many barristers and their Chambers, and also of the difficulties which will arise, particularly for some.

We have established a Hardship Working Group chaired by the Vice Treasurer which will consider all requests for support from tenants, residents and those members of the Inn who have not ‘held a brief’ and are thus not entitled to be included within the BBA scheme (e.g. Pupils and students). Please note that individuals who are eligible for support from the BBA cannot apply to the Inn’s Hardship Working Group and must request support from the BBA. All four Inns have contributed generously to the BBA’s Emergency Fund Appeal in order to support the Bar at and the Working Group’s efforts are for those who are ineligible for BBA support or tenants and residents of the Inn.

Before you apply please ensure the following:

  • That you provide all the required information, especially financial, in as much detail as possible. A number of applications have been unsuccessful as the information provided has simply not been logically laid out, comprehensive and clear enough for a decision to be made and while a re-application can be made, this obviously takes time to write and for the HWG to review.  
  • That the specific impact of COVID-19 upon you and your finances is made apparent. The funds available via the HWG are not for those facing general financial challenges (even if these have been accrued in pursuit of a career at the Bar) but for those explicitly impacted by the pandemic and its effects.
  • That you understand that all other routes of finance must be explored before an application is made to the Inn and this shown on the form. Due to the many other calls upon our financial resources at this time the funds from the HWG are those of ‘last resort’.
  • That the sum/s you are requesting are directly related to demonstrable need now or in the very immediate future.
  • That for student members the purpose of the HWG is not to fund an applicant’s studies generally, but to be able to provide limited support to allow them to continue to study.

The HWG is ready to award funds but to do this applications must clearly demonstrate need generated by the pandemic. By demonstrating and evidencing this an applicant will be in a stronger position to receive a positive response and you may find it helpful to treat the form as a piece of written advocacy. Please be assured that all applications are treated in the strictest of confidence, so you can be candid in the form and information provided.

Identifiers such as name, sex, age, etc, are removed from the forms before the Hardship Working Group reviews them to help ensure the process is as fair as possible to all applicants.

Read the Terms of Reference (PDF) for all three groups and additional details below:

Support and Wellbeing 

Members can continue to get involved with the Inn, complete key Qualifying Sessions remotely and access documents from the Library. 

We understand this is a worrying time. If you need support or to talk to someone, you are not alone.

The Preacher is available to listen, in complete confidence. Email Bishop Michael Doe and he will send you his home phone number.

The Bar Council's Wellbeing at the Bar website is also a valuable resource, offering a confidential telephone support and counselling service, as well as a wide range of wellbeing fact sheets, videos, self-help programmes, interactive tools and educational resources.

Scholarships and Joining 

You can contact the the Education Department with any queries regarding scholarships and admission to the Inn.

Current service 

  • The Estate is operating 24/7 security and The Porters’ Lodge can be found via the Inn's main entrance, Lady Hale Gate, off of High Holborn
  • Our Reception desk is open from 8.30am to 3pm
  • No deliveries should be made to the Inn other than for essential items
  • Inn Events* are being held online and in-person events are now taking place. Please check our events pages for details. 
    *Venue Hire is accepting bookings for Covid Secure Events
     such as weddings, corporate meetings and filming can be taken and will be subject to Covid restrictions on the date of the event. Gray’s Inn is certified as ‘Good to Go’ by Visit England
  • Pedestrian & vehicular access all entrances to the Inn are open. 
  • Car parking normal charges apply. Annual passes, which are charged at a discount from the daily parking rate, can be purchased or renewed at a pro-rata cost for the remainder of the year
  • The Library is open to members Monday - Friday 10 - 4pm with Saturday openings on a rota basis with the other Inn Libraries. The remote enquiry and document supply service continues to operate but charges have been reinstated effective from Monday 19th July. Please email the Library for general enquiries or make a document supply request or visit the main Library page for further information.
  • The Education Department is open and is delivering Qualifying Sessions, handling applications to join the Inn, applications for Scholarships and other key services. Please contact Education by email
  • The Chapel is open (please contact the Porters for access)
  • The Walks are open to the public between 12 - 2.30pm weekdays. 
  • Accommodation is open 
  • The Bridge Bar is open weekdays 8am-11pm (the Bridge Bar will be closed for the Summer after service on Friday 30 July until Monday 6 September)
  • The Burghley Lounge currently closed
  • Hall Lunch buffet is closed (Hall Lunch is due to resume on Monday 13 September)
  • Cleaning of communal areas will continue

Please check our Events pages for updates on individual events.