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The Inn is launching a student/barrister Lockdown Buddy Scheme. 

The purpose of this scheme is to provide one-to-one support to current Bar Course and GDL student Members during an isolating time.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Qualifying Sessions and other key services have largely moved online, but the collegiate element of in-person events, activities and the community spirit of the Inn is hard to replicate in a digital world. 

Barristers linked with a student in the Lockdown Buddy Scheme will be there to have a call and a chat - a way to check in on wellbeing, provide a listening ear and offer support and information on resources that may be of help. 

Please note this scheme differs from the Mentoring scheme which pairs students and barristers based on areas of law and focuses on career guidance. 

Barrister Enrolment From

Thank you for supporting this scheme.  The student sign-up will commence from Friday 5th Feb and ‘pairing’ will commence the week commencing 8th Feb. Initially we are asking for a commitment until the end of June 2021.    

Students will be asked to share their e-mail contact address and contact telephone number if they wish to join the scheme. This will be shared with you at the start of the programme.  Students will be informed that the telephone and email details provided are to facilitate this scheme and will not be retained by the Inn or our ‘buddies’ for any other purpose.  We will not share your contact details of any kind with the students and provide them only your name, until you make contact.  We recommend video calling (this can be done without cameras), thus avoiding the sharing of telephone numbers, unless you are happy to use your telephone.  Students are not paired based on any particular interest, however there will be a remarks box for both students and barristers where special requests can be added, for example a request for a ‘buddy’ of the same sex.

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