Pupil Supervisors

If you wish to become a pupil supervisor, you must be approved by the Inn and meet the eligibility requirements set out in Section B5 of the Bar Standards Board (BSB) Handbook.


To become a pupil supervisor you must:

  • have been in practice for at least 6 of the previous 8 years
  • have your practice as your primary occupation
  • have been entitled to exercise a right of audience as a barrister during the 2 years immediately preceding the date of your application

The above is a summary of eligibility only; the full requirements are set out in the BSB Handbook.


The process of approval consists of four stages:

  1. Submission of:
    1. an Application Form - Form A x 1 (Word document)
    2. two Reference Forms sent directly to the Inn by your referees - Form B x 2 (Word document)
    3. a copy of your current practising certificate 
  2. Attendance at a Pupil Supervisor Briefing Session
  3. A professional conduct check with the BSB
  4. Confirmation from the Inn of your approval

You can find full details regarding the application process on the application form (Form A). 

The minimum time required to process any application is 4-6 weeks.


Should you have any queries regarding becoming approved as a pupil supervisor please contact Vicky Hanson in the Education Department.

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