New Practitioners

You are required to complete the ‘New Practitioners Programme within your first three years of tenancy or employment. 

Registering tenancy

You must register your tenancy with the Inn and the Bar Standards Board (BSB).

CPD requirements

The BSB requires all new practitioners to undertake a minimum of 45 hours of CPD, including at least 9 hours advocacy training and 3 hours of ethics.

You are also required to complete a Forensic Accountancy Course (visit the BPP website)

You must complete the requirements within the ‘New Practitioners Programme (NPP)’ period which begins from the 1 January following commencement of practice with either:

  • squatting
  • tenancy
  • a firm in employed practice (as long as you have a practising certificate)

You are able to accrue CPD hours from the date you commence practice.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have booked sufficient courses to accumulate the required CPD hours before the end of your NPP period otherwise you will be required to request an extension from the Bar Standards Board.

New practitioner courses 

Our New Practitioner Weekend course provides 16 CPD hours in total, which includes 9 advocacy hours and 3 ethics hours, and is run twice a year. We also run an ethics only session which is worth 3 ethics hours.

New practitioner courses are also run by the Circuits (visit the BSB website).

Tenancy registration form

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