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Mixed Messes Application Form

This form should be completed by non-members interested in a career at The Bar.

Fields marked * are compulsory. Your information will be used in accordance with the Inn's Privacy Policy.

Please select all dates that you are available to attend. If offered a place to attend a Mixed Messes, you will be invited to 1 event only.
If you do not have any dietary requirements or food allergies, please state 'none'.
If you are a disabled person within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010, please select 'yes' in order to discuss with the Inn what, if any, reasonable adjustments need to be made to enable you to participate in all aspects of the Inn's activities.
We would be grateful if you would provide a brief description of the nature of your disability so that we are aware of your requirements.
Please list your school qualifications (one per line) in the format: Date, qualification, subject and grade.
If applicable. (If not applicable leave blank). Please list any additional previous degrees (one per line) in the format: Year (e.g. 2010-2013), institution, qualification and subject and final grade.
Please select your intentions in the year directly following the completion of your degree course. Please select what best describes your plans even if you are not yet certain what you will do.
Please list with dates.
Please list with dates.
Please list with dates.
I accept that I may not be successful in securing a place to attend Mixed Messes. If offered a place, I commit to attend the Mixed Messes event. I agree to receive emails from Gray's Inn regarding the Mixed Messes.
If you agree to be contacted in future regarding further events or information on pursuing a career at the bar, you may opt out at any time by contacting the Education Department.