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The Inn’s scholarships are available to all, irrespective of background, to support students to become barristers. There are scholarships for students undertaking the Bar Professional Training Courses (BPTC) and Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) conversion courses. There are also Residential Scholarships for BPTC students and scholarships for those in pupillage.

In 2019, Gray's Inn will award at least £1.2 million in scholarships:

  • Residential Scholarships valued at £10,000 
  • BPTC Scholarships up to £30,000
  • GDL Scholarships up to £13,000

Summary of main scholarships and prizes

Please visit the relevant section for full details on each scholarship, including specific opening and closing dates, eligibility and number and value of scholarships given.

If you are unsure which scholarship applies to you, please use our Admission and Scholarship Finder or submit an enquiry.

Scholarships     Deadline     Interviews     Note
GDL Scholarships     First Friday in May     June     Scholarships for conversion to law courses
BPTC Scholarships     First Friday in November     Late February/early March     Scholarships for the cost of the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)
BPTC Residential Scholarships     Available to BPTC scholars only. An opportunity to apply will be made available to candidates who have been shortlisted for a BPTC Scholarship interview

The Hebe Plunkett Scholarships


First Friday in May (GDL scholarship deadline)

First Friday in November (BPTC scholarship deadline)

November (Pupillage scholarship deadline)









Scholarships to assist disabled students/pupils during the GDL, BPTC or pupillage.

Senior Scholarships for Pupillage     November     January     Four scholarships for pupillage
Ann Goddard Pupillage Scholarships     November     January     For pupils in whole or part publicly funded pupillages
Internship Scholarships     31 March
30 June
30 September
31 December
    Approx. 3-4 weeks after close of application deadline     Scholarships and funding for overseas study and internships

General factors

All our scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit in the first instance. Applicants may choose (at the point of application) whether they wish to be considered for further funding based on financial need; successful applicants will then be assessed for additional scholarship funding based on financial need.

With all applications we consider the applicant’s:

  • Intellectual ability: the ability to conduct legal research and give written advice as demonstrated by performance in school, university examinations, the interview and other experiences where appropriate.
  • Motivation and prospects to succeed at the Bar: understanding of the profession, the courts and the steps taken to acquire the knowledge and skills required of a barrister.
  • Potential as an advocate at the Bar: both in oral and written work evidenced by public speaking, mooting, debating, participation in mock advocacy exercises as well as other work and voluntary experiences.
  • Personal qualities: self-reliance, independence, integrity, reliability and the capacity to work effectively with clients, colleagues and chambers’ staff.

Apply to only one Inn

You do not need to be a member of the Inn to apply for a GDL Scholarship or a BPTC Scholarship, but you may only apply to one Inn for a scholarship. If you are already an Inn member, you may only apply to your Inn. Multiple applications are not allowed and the Inns circulate their scholarship applicant lists with one another. If your application is successful you must join the awarding Inn, and no other, if the scholarship is to be paid. This rule applies to all four Inns.


Before starting an application, and to find out more about references, conditions and the application process, please read our conditions for applicants and scholars. Please also ensure you read all the guidance contained within the application form itself.

For GDL Scholarships, BPTC Scholarships, Hebe Plunkett Scholarships, Senior Pupillage Scholarships or Ann Goddard Pupillage Scholarships you must apply via our online scholarship application system. (You will be required to create an account if you are a new user. If you are using the system in Internet Explorer 9 or above, please ensure you disable ‘compatibility view’ before starting an application).

The online application periods open approximately six weeks in advance of a deadline. For all other scholarships please visit the relevant section to determine the application procedure.


  • Please visit the relevant scholarship section to determine the submission procedure for references (applications made via the online scholarship application system require references to be submitted via an online portal)
  • Two references are required (unless stated otherwise) 
  • It is helpful if your referee can express an opinion as to your performance and/or potential in relation to the general factors applied to scholarship applications
  • Your referees must have known you for at least one year 
  • Your references should be from people of standing and one reference must be academic. Applicants typically ask lecturers, teachers, barristers, employers, etc. (If an academic referee is no longer available, for example if you completed your degree several years ago, two professional references are a common and acceptable alternative)
  • Your references are due by the application deadline and the Inn will not chase referees on your behalf
  • You will not be interviewed without receipt of both references

Equal Opportunities

Our Equal Opportunities Policy is applied to applicants for all scholarships, internship funding and prizes:

“This Society, in common with the other Inns, is committed to a policy of fairness and equality of opportunity without discrimination on grounds of race, ethnic origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or political persuasion or, from October 2006, age (‘prohibited grounds’). The Society will have regard to the needs of disabled persons and will comply with such provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and of Regulations and Codes made under it as may be in force from time to time and which apply to them.”

A complete copy of the Inn's Code, and of the complaints procedure, is available on request from the Director of Education.

Contact and enquiries

For any queries regarding scholarships, please contact the Education Department or use the form below.

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