Gray's Inn

BPTC Residential Scholarships

The Inn is a collegiate environment and wishes for its students to live and work within it. To this end, in 2012, the Inn added to its scholarship and award portfolio a flat located in South Square of the Gray’s Inn estate. The Scholars Flat contains four bedrooms named Coney Court, Chapel Court, Holborn Court and Portpool. The flat is available to four BPTC scholars each year who have a desire and will commit to participate in the life of the Inn.

If shortlisted for a BPTC Scholarship interview, you will have the opportunity to apply for a Residential Scholarship. At the close of the BPTC scholarship interviews (around late February or early March), the interviewing panel will agree its list of candidates to receive awards as well as the particular award that will be made to whom and the cash value of each.  From that list of scholars a separate panel will draw a shortlist of Residential Scholarship applicants to be interviewed. 

The decision to offer a Residential Scholarship will be based on both the applicant’s need and commitment to participate in the life of the Inn.

The four successful residential scholars will share the flat for a period of 11 months beginning 1 September and ending 31 July.


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