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BPTC Residential Scholarships

If shortlisted for a BPTC Scholarship interview, you will have the opportunity to apply for a Residential Scholarship (RS).

At the close of the BPTC scholarship interviews (late February or early March), the interviewing panel will agree its list of candidates to receive scholarships. From that list a separate panel will draw a shortlist of applicants to be interviewed for a RS 

Residential Scholarship

The Inn is a collegiate environment and wishes for its students to live and work within it. To this end, the Inn has within its scholarship portfolio shared flats to accommodate 14 students from September 2019.

The decision to offer a Residential Scholarship will be based on both the applicant’s need and commitment to participate in the life of the Inn. The flats are available by application to BPTC scholars.

The successful residential scholars will take up their accommodation for a period of 11 months beginning 1 September and ending 31 July.

The value of BPTC scholarships is not offset by the value of Residential Scholarships.


You may only complete the below application for Residential Scholarship if you have been invited to interview for a BPTC scholarship for the year 2019.

The interviews will take place on 3 and 4 April 2019. These interview dates will not be flexible.

To Apply

Submit the below form no later than 5pm, Friday 1 March 2019. Please refer to your interview email for full details on the Residential Scholarships. 

Please note: This form does not have the capacity to auto-save. We therefore recommend that you draft your answers on a personal document before pasting them into the form. 

Fields marked * are compulsory. Your information will be used in accordance with the Inn's Data Privacy Notice.

You may select more than one option
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e.g. Part-time work, £400 per month / other scholarship awarded for the BPTC
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Maximum word count: 250 words
By selecting 'yes' and submitting this form I understand that the Inn will offer 14 Residential Scholarships in 2019 and that to be eligible I must first be selected by the Gray’s Inn 2019 BPTC interviewing panel to receive a 2019 BPTC scholarship or award with a cash value. Once I have been selected as a Gray’s Inn scholar, I may then be considered for an additional award in the form of a Residential Scholarship. Under these terms, I would like the short listing panel to consider me for a Residential Scholarship.
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