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BPTC Scholarships

In 2019, Gray’s will award at least 1.2 million in scholarships:

  • Residential Scholarships valued at £10,000
  • BPTC scholarships up to £30,000
  • GDL scholarships up to £15,000

 I wouldn’t be able to continue my training without the funding. The scholarship is really important to the progression of my career.

2019 Applications

The next application period for 2019 BPTC Scholarships:

  • opened on Monday 17 September 2018
  • closes at midnight on Friday 2 November 2018

BPTC and Residential Scholarships

4 New BPTC Scholarships at a minimum value of £20,000 will be awarded in 2019 to the most able of the BPTC scholarship candidates. The scholarships will be presented by their distinguished namesake at a special unveiling ceremony in the spring.

The Bedingfield and Prince of Wales Scholarships are the other of the Inn’s most prestigious awards and are reserved for candidates of exceptional merit.

2019 Awards

New Scholarships up to 4 £20,000 - £30,000
Bedingfield Scholarships up to 8  £5,000 - £30,000
Prince of Wales Scholarships up to 4 £5,000 - £30,000
Named Awards  up to 50  £5,000 - £30,000
Residential Scholarships  up to 12  value at £10,000

Residential Scholarships

4 flats in Gray's for 14 BPTC students to share from 1 September to 31 July. 

Residential Scholarships are awarded in addition to the BPTC scholarships. The value of BPTC scholarships is not offset by the value of Residential Scholarships.

Applicants invited to interview for a BPTC scholarship will be eligible to apply for a residential. 

Residential Scholarship.applications (from those awarded a BPTC scholarship) will be screened and candidates will be invited to interview. 

Candidates for Residential Scholarships will be assessed according to:

  • need, financial and otherwise and 
  • commitment and ability to support and enhance the life of the Inn

Assessment criteria


Scholarships for the GDL and BPTC are awarded on the basis of merit alone.  Both, applications which are screened, and candidates who are interviewed, are assessed according to the Inn’s merit criteria:

  • Intellectual ability: the ability to conduct legal research and give written advice, as demonstrated by performance in school and university examinations, the interview and, where appropriate, other experience.
  • Motivation and prospects to succeed at the Bar: knowledge of the profession and the Courts, and steps taken to acquire the skills required of a Barrister, will be taken into account.
  • Potential as an advocate at the Bar: both in oral and written skills. This can include the applicant’s experience in public speaking, mooting, debating, participation in mock advocacy exercises, etc. 
  • Personal qualities: the qualities required of members of the Bar include self-reliance, independence, integrity, reliability, and the capacity to work effectively with clients, colleagues and chambers’ staff.

References are important.  Both screening and interview panels give weight to them.  

At the conclusion of the interviews, panels will agree which candidates merit a scholarship and then determine which named scholarships to award.  The candidates’ ‘need’ does not have any bearing on the decision to award scholarships.

Interviews are conducted for 15 minutes by a qualified panel of three typically comprised of practising barristers and other qualified professionals, for example, members of the judiciary and academics.   


Financial need is considered only after scholarships have been awarded and merit has no bearing on the amount of a scholarship.

Panels will rely on the information provided in the Financial Details section of the application in order to assess each candidate’s means and determine the amount of the scholarship.  The Inn seeks to give greater financial support to those with the greatest need.   

Whilst it is not compulsory, we strongly advise and encourage you to complete the Financial Details section of the application.  Successful candidates who choose not to complete the section will receive their named scholarships with funds fixed at the minimum value.

Conditions for Applicants

Before starting an application,  and to find out more about references, conditions and the application process, please read our conditions for applicants and scholars. You must also ensure you read all the guidance contained within the application form itself.

  • You do not need to have a confirmed place on the BPTC at the time of your interview, but
  • You must intend, and be able to undertake the course in the next academic year
  • You do not need to be a member of the Inn to apply
  • You may only apply to one Inn
  • Part time students may apply in advance of their first or second year
  • If you have been awarded a GDL or BPTC scholarship, you cannot apply for another 
  • If your application is unsuccessful, you may apply again in the following round - this includes part time students prior to commencement of the second year of study
  • Both your references must also be received by the above deadline

Conditions for Scholars

In order to receive your scholarship, you must:

  • be a member of the Inn;
  • present proof of your enrolment on the BPTC and undertake
    • to qualify for Call to the Bar
    • to diligently pursue practice at the Bar of England and Wales and
    • to commit to support the professional development of future Inn members.

Part time students may receive their scholarship funds in two annual instalments.  

Scholarship deferrals are granted only in exceptional circumstances.  Scholars must submit a written request to the Scholarships Committee.   

Online application system

You must apply for a BPTC Scholarship via our online scholarship application system by the first Friday in November immediately preceding the start of your BPTC. You will be required to create an account if you are a new user. If you are using the system in Internet Explorer 9 or above, please ensure you disable ‘compatibility view’ before starting an application.

Referees are required to provide references using the Inn's online scholarship system. The online scholarship application form will allow unique access for each of your referees to provide their references. Details on referee eligibility and guidance for referees on completing references can be found in Notes to Scholarship Referees

If shortlisted, you will be interviewed in late February or early March (exact interview dates are published on the online application form).

Previous awards

Major Scholarships awarded in 2018




  1 £28,000
  1 £27,500
  1 £25,000
  6 £24,000
  2 £23,000
  2 £21,000
  5 £20,000
  4 £19,000
  1 £17,000
  10 £16,000
  1 £15,000
  2 £13,000
  9   £10,000 **
  12 £10,000
Total   57 * £916,500

* 57 Awards made plus 12 residential scholarships (at £9,000 each).
   Values included above. 
** Candidates did not apply for further funding.

Awards and benefactors

The Bedingfield Scholarships

Bedingfield Portrait

  • The Inn’s most prestigious scholarships for the BPTC year
  • Made by the Bedingfield Trust, established under the will of the late Christopher (Kit) Ohl Macredie Bedingfield Q.C. (1935-1995) for the advancement of legal education amongst members and students of Gray’s Inn
  • The Bedingfield Trustees do not have voting power, but are present at the interviews and may offer input regarding the applicants

The Prince of Wales Scholarships

Prince of Wales portrait

  • Awarded by the Inn in honour of H.R.H. Charles, Prince of Wales
  • A Royal Bencher of Gray’s Inn since 1975

The BPTC named awards

The Lord Justice Holker Awards

Lord Justice Holker portrait

  • Named after Sir John Holker (1828-1882)
  • Admitted 1851, called 1854, Bencher 1868, Treasurer 1875, Lord Justice of Appeal 1882
  • John Holker left his estate to his wife with a provision, not binding on her, that when she died she should bequeath what he had left her to Gray’s Inn. Her will specified that the Society should hold the estate upon trust for sale and investment and apply the income of the trust for the purpose of awards to be called The Lord Justice Holker awards

The Bingham Award

  • Founded in 2015 in memory of The Rt. Hon Lord Bingham (1933-2010)
  • Admitted 1956, called 1959, Bencher 1979, Lord Chief Justice 1996, Senior Law Lord 2000
  • Established following the launch of the Bingham Scholarships Fundraising Appeal  to Inn members 

The Birkenhead Award

Birkenhead portrait

  • Endowed in 1931 by Sir Harry Vanderpant, a member of the Inn, in memory of F.E. Smith, Viscount Birkenhead (1872-1930)
  • Admitted 1894, called 1899, Treasurer 1916-19; Solicitor General and Attorney General 1915, Lord Chancellor 1919-1922

The Bacon Award

Francis Bacon portrait

  • Established in 1873 along with The Holt Award to attract more students at a time when Inn membership was in decline
  • Named after Sir Francis Bacon, the Viscount St Albans and Baron Verulam (1561-1626), famous statesman and philosopher, Treasurer 1608-17, Lord Chancellor 1618

The Gerald Moody Award

  • Founded by the late Dr Gerald T Moody, a member of the Inn
  • Admitted 1910, died 1943

The Holt Award

John Holt portrait

  • Established in 1873, along with The Bacon Award, to attract more students at a time when Inn membership was in decline
  • Named after Sir John Holt, Lord Chief Justice 1689-1719, admitted 1652, called 1663, Chief Justice of the Court of King’s Bench 1689

The Wilfred Getz Award

  • Founded by the family of the late Wilfred Getz (died 1988)

The Cynthia Terry Award

  • Founded by Master Oswald Terry, a former Under-Treasurer of the Inn, in memory of his wife
  • Admitted 1945, married Oswald Terry 1948, died 1974

The Uthwatt Award

Lord Uthwatt portrait

  • Founded in memory of Lord Uthwatt of Lathbury, a Bencher of the Inn

The Steen Award

  • Founded by the late Stephen Nicholas Steen, a member of the Inn
  • Called 1949, died 1988

The James Crouch Award

  • Founded under the will of the late James Crouch (died 1947)
  • Admitted 1909, called 1912

The Sir Dingle Foot Award

Sir Dingle Foot  black and white photo

  • Founded by Lady Dingle Foot in memory of her husband, The Right Hon Sir Dingle Foot QC (1905-1978)
  • Labour MP, Solicitor-General 1964-1967
  • Admitted 1930, Bencher 1952, Treasurer 1968

The Goldie Award

  • Founded by the will of the late John H C Goldie (1904-1974), a Bencher of the Inn, in memory of his father Robert Murdoch Goldie
  • Called 1929, Bencher 1967

The Albion Richardson Award

Albion Richardson black and white photo

  • Founded by the will of the late Sir Albion Richardson CBE, KC, Treasurer 1944

The Wilfred Watson Award

  • Founded by the late Richard Yorke QC, a Bencher of the Inn, in memory of his uncle

The Edmund-Davies Award

Edmund-Davies portrait 

  • Founded in memory of the late Master Lord Edmund-Davies (1906-1992) by his family
  • Admitted 1924, called 1929, Bencher 1948, Treasurer 1965, Lord of Appeal 1974
  • The Inn currently supports the work of the Lord Edmund Davies Legal Education Trust

The William Shaw Award

  • Founded in memory of William Shaw QC (1816-1885) by Mrs Mary Bailey, a close relative
  • Admitted 1841, called 1844, Bencher 1880, Treasurer 1884

The Shakespeare Memorial Award

Shakespeare portrait 

The Richard Yorke Award

  • Founded under the will of the late Master Richard Yorke QC (1930-1991)
  • Called 1956, Bencher 1981

The Patrick Back Scholarship

Patrick Back black and white photo

  • Founded in memory of her husband Patrick Back QC (died 2003) by the late Rosina Hare QC (died 2012)
  • Leader of the Western Circuit 1984 to 1989
  • Called 1940, Bencher 1978

The Denise Pannick Award

Denise Pannick photo

  • Founded in memory of his wife by Master Lord David Pannick QC, her family and friends
  • Barrister of Inner Temple

The Headridge Award

  • Founded in memory of Richard Anthony Headridge (died 1995)
  • Admitted 1953, called 1958

BPTC Awards

Any additional awards are termed ‘BPTC Awards’

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