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CPE/GDL Awards

The next CPE/GDL Award application period (for 2017 awards):

  • opens on Monday 20 March 2017 and
  • closes at midnight on Friday 5 May 2017


You must apply for a CPE/GDL Award via our online scholarship application system system by the first Friday in May immediately preceding the start of your CPE or GDL course. You will be required to create an account if you are a new user. If you are using the system in Internet Explorer 9 or above, please ensure you disable ‘compatibility view’ before starting an application.

If shortlisted, you will be interviewed in June (exact interview dates will be published on the online application form).


  • both your references must also be received by the above deadline
  • you do not have to be a member at the point of applying, but you must become a member to receive funds if your application is successful
  • you may only apply to one Inn
  • you do not require a confirmed place on the course at the point of applying, but you must provide proof of enrolment to receive funds if your application is successful
  • if you are taking the course part time (a 2 year course), you can apply in advance of either year, but you can only receive an award once

Before starting an application, and to find out more about references, conditions and the application process, please read our conditions for applicants and scholars. Please also ensure you read all the guidance contained within the application form itself.


Referees are required to provide references using the Inn's online scholarship system. The online scholarship application form will allow unique access for each of your referees to provide their references. 

Details on referee eligibility and guidance for referees on completing references can be found in Notes to Scholarship Referees

Awards and benefactors

David Karmel Entrance Awards

  • The principal and most prestigious awards available for the CPE / GDL year
  • Founded by a family trust in memory of David Karmel CBE QC (1907-1982)
  • Admitted 1925, called 1928, Bencher 1954, Treasurer 1970

The Anthony Bessemer Clark Award

  • Founded by Mrs Helen Bessemer Clark in memory of her husband, Anthony Bessemer Clark (1940-1996), called 1968
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have demonstrated a determination for the Bar by transferring from other careers

The Ann Ebsworth Award

  • Founded in memory of Dame Ann Ebsworth (1937-2002)
  • Admitted 1959, called 1962, Bencher 1992, DBE 1992
  • Appointed Justice of the High Court (Queen’s Bench Division) 1992; the first woman to be appointed directly to the Queen’s Bench Division

CPE Awards

Any additional awards are termed ‘CPE Awards’.

Previous awards

Awarded in 2016:

  No. Amount
David Karmel Awards 4 £8,000
  3 £6,700
Ann Ebsworth Award 1 £6,000
Anthony Bessemer Clark Award 1 £4,000
CPE Awards 7 £6,000
  1 £4,000
  2 £1,000
Total 19 £110,100

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