Call to the Bar

For over six hundred years, the Inns have held exclusive rights to admit candidates to the Bar.

In light of current government guidelines regarding social distancing requirements, we are unable to hold the Hilary (26th March 2021) Call ceremony in person at Gray’s Inn.  This ceremony will go ahead, but will be held online, via Zoom.

In order to be called to the Bar you must have either:

  • Completed 10 Qualifying Sessions and passed the Bar Course (For students who commenced the Bar Course prior to September 2020 you must have completed 12 Qualifying Sessions - being Called counts as one Qualifying Session - and passed the Bar Course) 
  • applied to the Bar Standards Board and given permission as a transferring lawyer

When to apply

If you are a current Bar Course student, (full time or on the second year of a part time course), Trinity Call is the earliest Call day you can apply for during your Bar Course year. If you are a first year part time student, you cannot apply until your second year.

If you have completed the Bar Course or have finished the course and are waiting for re-sit results you can apply for any Call day.

If you are a transferring lawyer, you can apply for any Call day. You must complete ten Qualifying Sessions before being called. The Bar Standards Board (BSB) may also require you to sit all or parts of the Bar Transfer Test (visit the BSB website for details).


There are 4 Call days per year, each with its own specific application deadline. The next 4 Call days are:

Call day   Date   Apply   Details
Hilary   Thursday 25  March 2021   by Thursday 25 February 2021   Online Ceremony



Tuesday 20  July 2021


by Tuesday 22  June 2021


Ceremony in Hall, reception in the Walks

Deferred Trinity   Thursday 14 October 2021   by Tuesday 14 September 2021   Ceremony in Hall, reception in the LPR and Hall
Michaelmas   Thursday 25 November 2021   by Monday 25 October 2021   Ceremony in Hall, reception in the LPR and Hall

*Trinity is the most popular Call day as it is the first opportunity for current Bar students to be called to the Bar. We advise you apply for this Call as soon as possible once the application period has opened.

After Call - Regulatory Guidance

You must familiarise yourself with the regulations which apply to unregistered barristers (barristers who do not hold a practising certificate). Guidance is provided by the Bar Standards Board

Call to the Bar in Other Jurisdictions   

The Inns of Court call members to the Bar of England and Wales. If you are intending to practice in another jurisdiction, please refer to that jurisdiction's relevant regulatory body for further information. 

The Bar of Northern Ireland

If you are intending to practice at the Bar of Northern Ireland, you should refer to The Bar of Northern Ireland website. 

To practice in Northern Ireland you must be a member of the Bar Library or seek exemption from Bar Library Membership. If you intend to apply for exemption, please note that application periods apply. Application periods will be published in the News section of The Bar of Northern Ireland website. 

Applications for exemption from the Bar Library are currently open with a deadline of Friday 8 November 2019. 

Please email the Bar of Northern Ireland for further assistance. 

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