Introductory Events

We invite all students to attend an Introductory event. For those starting the Bar Course, this is compulsory.


We will be holding a Welcome evening and a Moot workshop for all students starting their GDL this year. Please see the table below for information.

Date Event
Monday 13 September GDL Welcome Evening
Saturday 2 October Moot Workshop

To ensure that you receive further information please complete the webform below. 

Bar Course

Please see the table below of which event you should attend. This will vary on your location and when you are due to start the Bar Course.

     Bar Course Starting      Your Location                                 Event and date
      July / September           London     Introductory Evening – Tuesday 21 September
           Circuit         Introductory Weekend – Saturday 2 October

 We will also be running an Online Moot Workshop on Saturday 2 October which is open to all Bar students.

         January / March          London        Introductory Evening – Tuesday 8 February
          Circuit        Introductory Weekend – Friday 11 February

We will also be running a Moot Workshop, Careers and Wellbeing at the Bar talk Saturday 12 February which are to all Bar students.

Please complete the below form to register for your compulsory introductory event at the Inn and to receive further details.

If you are not commencing the Bar Course in this academic year, or have changed your career plans altogether, please use this form to update the Inn.

Email the Member Services team with any queries. They will be providing further information after 18 August.  

Registration Form

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