Lockdown Buddy Scheme

Current Bar Course and GDL student Members can sign up now to the student/barrister Lockdown Buddy Scheme. 

The purpose of this scheme is to provide one-to-one support during an isolating time.

During the Covid-19 pandemic Qualifying Sessions and other key services have largely moved online, but the collegiate element of in-person events, activities and the community spirit of the Inn is hard to replicate in a digital world. 

Barristers linked with a student in the Lockdown Buddy Scheme will be there to have a call and a chat - a way to check in on wellbeing, provide a listening ear and offer support and information on resources that may be of help. 

Please note this scheme differs from the Mentoring scheme which pairs students and barristers based on areas of law and focuses on career guidance. 

Student Enrolment Form

Please enter your details below. ‘Pairing’ will commence the week commencing 8th Feb. Initially we recommend that you are paired until the end of June, however it is for you, so you can withdraw from the scheme at any time - just please let us and your ‘buddy’ know.

Please provide your e-mail contact address and contact telephone number if you wish to join the scheme. This will be shared with your paired barrister and nobody else.  These details are to facilitate this scheme and will not be retained by the Inn or our ‘buddies’ for any other purpose.  Your paired barrister will initially make e-mail contact and we then recommend that you find a regular time to chat.  We recommend video calling (this can be done without cameras if you’d rather).  This will be particularly useful if you are currently overseas as we know many of you are.  You will not be paired based on any particular interest or practice area preference, however there is a remarks box for both students and barristers where special requests can be added, for example a request for a ‘buddy’ of the same sex.

Fields marked * are compulsory. Your information will be used in accordance with the Inn's Data Privacy Notice

You can find your member number on your membership card or GIOS (Gray's Inn Online System) account.
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