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A session for GDL students on how to approach legal research.

The Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) prepares you to undertake your studies for the Bar. It equips you with knowledge and understanding of the law and the English legal system – but are you ready to research for moots, for your assessments – and for court?

Legal research is a core skill you will need to master to be ready for your Bar course, and for practice. Quickly and effectively researching the answer to a legal question is essential to barristers, and to those studying for the Bar.

Do you know where to start, what resources to use, how to find your way from commentary to primary sources? Do you know how to locate cases and statutes on a topic online, and how to make sure your findings are up-to-date?

In this session with law librarian Andy Horton, you will learn how to approach legal research, what materials to use and why, and how to effectively and quickly find and update the case law and statutes you will need to advise clients and represent them in court. Along the way, you’ll learn about which reports to cite, and how to make the most of what Lexis and Westlaw have to offer.

Event details

Location: Ambedkar room

Date and time: Thursday 25 May, 6pm

Who can attend: Open to GDL Students

Dress code: Smart casual

Cost: Free

How to book

Book online via the Gray’s Inn Online System (GIOS).

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Qualifying Sessions 

Qualifying Session (QS):  1 QS

Theme: Legal knowledge, Justice and the Rule of Law

Learning outcomes:

  1. Become familiar with legal research materials and resources in Gray’s Inn Library.
  2. Learn how to undertake legal research using print and online sources.
  3. Understand how to interpret and update findings.

This QS relates to the following elements of the Professional Statement for Barristers: 1.5, 1.11, 1.13

Preparation required: No

Interactive: Yes

Please see Qualifying Sessions for further information.

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