Gray’s Inn Scholarship Q&A Webinar

Our Scholarship Q&As are an opportunity to hear from those involved with the scholarship process at the Inn.


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Equal Opportunities Questionnaire

In line with the Inns’ Equal Opportunities Policy and Code, the Inns collect information on ethnic origin, gender, disability, university attended, degree classification and intentions as to future practice from all applicants so that the effectiveness of the Policy and Code can be assessed. The ethnic origin categories and codes are those used in the 2011 census and are recommended by the Bar Council.  

The information collected will be used to compile statistical analyses and reports and will not be released to anyone in a way which might identify any individual. Anonymised information may be disclosed to the Bar Council and/or Bar Standards Board. The data collected will not be used in any selection process and is kept only for monitoring purposes. Completion of this section of the application is voluntary.

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If you are a disabled person within the meaning of the Equality Act 2010, please select 'yes' in order to discuss with the Inn what, if any, reasonable adjustments need to be made to enable you to participate in all aspects of the Inn's activities.
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