Transferring Lawyers

Your application for transfer to the Bar must first be approved by the Bar Standards Board’s (BSB) Qualifications Committee before you can join the Inn.

Once approved, unless exempt, you are normally required to sit all or part of the Bar Transfer Test which you must pass before you can be called to the Bar.

If you are a European lawyer wishing to practise at the Bar of England & Wales under your own jurisdiction, you are still required to join the Inn but will not be called to the Bar.

If you are seeking temporary membership and Call to the Bar of England and Wales, for the purposes of conducting a particular case, please contact the Education department.

Joining the Inn

From Monday 2 December to 27 January 2020, the four Inns will be closed to new admissions.  This is to allow for the introduction of new admission rules and forms. (Note: This date has been extended from the previously published date of 13 January). 

If your application was posted to arrive before Monday 2 December will be processed.  Applications posted to arrive after 2 December will be held on file until January, and you will be required to provide additional documents in line with the new rules.  These documents will be sent to you in January.   

Please read the Inns Data Privacy Notice prior to commencing your application. 

  • Admission papers are not currently available. The four Inns are currently closed to new admissions.  This is to allow for the introduction of new admission rules and forms.

Your admission papers consist of: 

  • a Four Inns of Court and General Council of the Bar Form
  • an Admission Declaration Form
  • a Certificate of Good Standing from current authorising body (issued within the last 3 months)
  • a letter from the BSB (giving permission to join an Inn / outlining requirements for Call) which must be an original or certified copy
  • a copy of the transfer application form submitted to the BSB
  • the admission fee of £100 (by cheque made payable to ‘Gray’s Inn’)
  • two passport photos
  • an Equal Opportunities Form 
  • a photocopy of photographic ID

Your papers should be filled out and printed double sided before signing and dating.

Submit your application to the Education Department by post or in person. Please be aware it will take 4-6 weeks to process your admission papers.

Call to the Bar

You must meet any Bar Transfer Test requirements as set out by the BSB in order to be eligible for Call to the Bar.  You must submit your Call papers at least one month before your chosen Call date.

Post Call requirements

Transferring lawyers required to complete 10 Qualifying Sessions must do so within 3 years of being called. As part of your transfer to the Bar approval by the BSB, you may also be required to attend a:

You may be exempt from some or all of the above; please see your correspondence with the BSB to ensure you are aware of your requirements.

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