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We are always delighted to accept donations from authors of legal texts.

All donations are acknowledged with a special library bookplate (pictured) and are announced on this page, our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for all your donations.

Recent Donations

William Day

Challenging private law : Lord Sumption on the supreme court | William Day and Sarah Worthington | 2020

Glen Davis QC

Butterworths insolvency law handbook | 23rd ed. | Glen Davis QC |2021

Gabriel Cox

Sir Elihu Lauterpacht : a life in international law 1928 - 2017 : a photo-biography | Gabriel Cox | 2020

The Lewis Walpole Library

The Production of a female pen : Anna Larpent's account of the Duchess of Kingston's bigamy trial of 1776 : a facsimile edition | Anna Larpent | 2004

Sir John Baker

English law under two Elizabeths : the late Tudor legal world and the present | Sir John Baker | 2021

Frankie Fook-Lun Leung

My own words | Ruth Bader Ginsburg | 2016

Lincoln's Inn Library

A portrait of Lincoln's Inn | edited by Angela Holdsworth | 2020

Ralph Hanna

Malachy the Irishman : on poison : a study and an edition | Ralph Hanna | 2020

Tom Tabori

A practical guide to election law | Tom Tabori | 2020

Master Stephen Kramer

Archbold : criminal pleading, evidence and practice | John Frederick Archbold | 1982, 1992 & 2005

Parker's law and conduct of elections | Frank R. Parker |1996

Schofield's local government elections | A. Norman Schofield | 1979

Joshua Rozenberg

Enemies of the people? How judges shape society | Joshua Rozenberg | 2020

Lee Tatt Boon

Marketing for young lawyers : the way to get and retain clients | Lee Tatt Boon | 2019

Unmasking the foundations of good lawyers | Lee Tatt Boon | 2018

Sir David Foskett

Foskett on compromise | Sir David Foskett | 2020

Thayananthan Baskaran

Arbitration in Malaysia : a commentary on the Malaysian Arbitration Act | Thayananthan Baskaran | 2019

Nasreen Pearce

The Family Court Practice | 2019

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