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We are always delighted to accept donations from authors of legal texts.

All donations are acknowledged with a special library bookplate (pictured) and are announced on this page, our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for all your donations.

Recent Donations

Nasreen Pearce

Change of Name: the L​aw and Practice | Nasreen Pearce | (4th ed.) 2018

Hugh Saunders

Professional Negligence in Construction | Ben Patten & Hugh Saunders | (2nd ed.) 2018

William Clegg

Under the Wig: a lawyer's stories of murder, guilt and innocence  | William Clegg | 2018

T.C. Smyth

Joyce in Court | Adrian Hardiman | 2017

Edward F. Cousins

Cousins on the Law of Mortgages | Edward F. Cousins & Ian Clarke | (4th ed.) 2017

Ross Cranston

Principles of Banking Law | Ross Cranston | (3rd ed.) 2017

Sir Basil S. Markesinis

Euripides in Macedonia: Psychological problems in Ancient Greek Tragedies | Sir Basil S. Markesinis | 2017

Sir Basil S. Markesinis

Ancient Greek Poetry from Homer to Early Roman Times | Sir Basil S. Markesinis | 2017

Master Paul L. Davies QC

Palmer's Limited Liability Partnership Law | Palmer, Davies & Morse | (3rd ed.) 2017