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We are always delighted to accept donations from authors of legal texts.

All donations are acknowledged with a special library bookplate (pictured) and are announced on this page, our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for all your donations.

Recent Donations

Su Tiang Joo

The law on land acquisition | Su Tiang Joo | 2018

W. H. Bryson

Miscellaneous reports of cases in the court of delegates : from 1670 to 1750 | W. H. Bryson | 2016

Reports of cases in the court of exchequer in the middle ages : (1295-1496) | W. H. Bryson | 2019

William Clegg

Under the Wig: a lawyer's stories of murder, guilt and innocence  | William Clegg | 2018

Greg Williams

A practical guide to TOLATA claims | Greg Williams | 2019 

Edward F. Cousins

Cousins on the Law of Mortgages | Edward F. Cousins & Ian Clarke | (4th ed.) 2017

Ross Cranston

Principles of Banking Law | Ross Cranston | (3rd ed.) 2017

Master Paul L. Davies QC

Palmer's Limited Liability Partnership Law | Palmer, Davies & Morse | (3rd ed.) 2017