Printing & Photocopying

The Library has three self-service photocopiers located on the main floor.

In light of the recent developments relating to Covid-19 and the measures the Library is taking to keep users safe, only two photocopiers are currently available for use by members and are now located in Bays XIII and XIV, please refer to the onsite signage for guidance.

To take advantage of our printing and photocopying facilities, simply come to the enquiry desk and set up an account.

You will be given a unique PIN number to top up your account as necessary. 

You then use your PIN number to print from any of the library computers or to photocopy or scan. Instructions explaining how to print and photocopy using your PIN are available at the enquiry desk.

All photocopiers have a scan and email facility which is charged at a flat rate (scans will be sent direct to an email address as a PDF document). Please ask at the enquiry desk if you need assistance.


The Library is currently only accepting card payments, preferably contactless where possible, thank you for your co-operation.


Library photocopier

Photocopying pricing table


Printing pricing table


5p per page - includes all sizes, black and white or full colour scans.

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