The Lee Collection

Robert Warden Lee (1868-1958)Black and white photo of Robert Warden Lee

Master R.W Lee was an eminent scholar of Roman-Dutch Law and member of this Inn. A short but detailed description of his life can be found in Graya No.47 1958 (PDF) written by Professor F.H Lawson D.C.L.

The Lee Collection

The Library holds a collection of items donated by Master Lee as part of a bequest; the Lee Collection, as it is now called, contains many old and possibly rare items. If you would like to look at any of these items please speak to a member of Library staff.

View a complete list of the Lee Collection (PDF)

Charicles of Illustrations of the Private Life of the Ancient GreeksThe Corpus Juris Civilis ("Body of Civil Law")De rebus Belgicis: or, The annals, and history of the Low-Countrey-warrs

 Life & work of Master Lee

  • Called to the Bar at Gray’s Inn - 1896
  • Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford - 1903-14
  • Chair of Roman Dutch Law, University College London - 1906-1915
  • Rhodes Professor of Roman-Dutch Law, Oxford - 1921-56
  • Bencher of Gray’s Inn - 1934
  • Treasurer of Gray’s Inn - 1945
  • Fellow of All Souls College
  • Reader to the Council of Legal Education
  • Fellow of the British Academy

Published works: