Manuscript & Rare Books Request

Complete the form below if you would like to visit the Library to view a specific manuscript or rare book.

The Director of Library Services will review all requests and contact you directly to arrange a visit.

Reader's Details

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Conditions of Access

Readers are required to undertake to exercise all reasonable care to prevent damage or loss to manuscripts and rare books belonging to the Society, in particular in the following regards:

  • On their first visit readers should bring with them an academic reference or recommendation and photo-ID
  • Only pencils may be used for taking notes
  • Readers must not lean on, or rest their notes on, manuscripts or rare books
  • Manuscripts and rare books should be handled as little as possible
  • Photocopies are not allowed
  • Photographs of short extracts for the purpose of private study are subject to permission of the Director of Library Services; reproduction of photographic images is subject to the permission of the Inn (apply in writing to the Director of Library Services in the first instance)

Reader's Undertaking

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