Gray's Inn

Barristers' Committee

The Inn’s Barristers’ Committee is seen as the ‘Voice of Hall’ and exists to:

  • represent the view of members of Hall who are barristers and are not Masters of the Bench, and to convey those views to the Masters of the Bench
  • consider the interests of members of Hall and the Inn
  • nominate members of Hall to serve on the Management Committee and other bodies
  • discharge such other tasks as may be agreed from time to time between the Committee and the Masters of the Bench

Barristers’ Committee Activities

The Barristers’ Committee organises a series of Junior Bar Events to encourage members of Hall to become more involved in the Inn’s social scene.   Our next event is our annual Wellbeing at the Bar evening on 25 September, preceded by a short optional session on ‘Meditation for Barristers’.

  • Our most recent event was ‘Bridge Baraoke’, a well-attended open mic night in the Bridge Bar in June. Previously we have run evenings focused on the Bar and social media, quiz nights hosted by Joshua Rozenberg QC,  and a lecture on Financial Planning and Education.  More events will be announced in the near future, and we are always pleased to hear from members of the Inn with ideas or suggestions.
  • We have established a mentoring scheme for second-six pupils and junior barristers, and have provided input into changes to the Inn’s website. Individual members of the Committee ‘shadow’ members of the Management Committee to ensure that the interests of barrister members are represented in every aspect of the Inn’s activities.
  • Two of the Committee (Stephen Innes and John Critchley) sit on the Inn’s Management Committee.  The Barristers’ Committee is often asked for input into decisions affecting the Inn and recently provided a response on behalf of Hall to the Inn’s recent Strategy Review.  We regularly help to coordinate responses from members of the Inn to consultations from the Bar Standards Board. The Barristers’ Committee also provides one of the Inn’s representatives on the Bar Council (currently John Goss).
  • The Barristers’ Committee is always pleased to hear from members of Hall with comments, feedback, ideas and suggestions.  Please feel free to approach any of the Committee’s members or to email the Barristers’ Committee
  • In addition, the Barristers’ Committee has the power to co-opt committee members from within the Inn’s membership.  If you think that you have a particular perspective to offer or experience to draw on, please contact us. We would be particularly keen to hear from members of the Employed Bar or members on the Western or North Eastern Circuits.

Current committee members (until 31 December 2019)

Self-employed category:

  • Stephen Innes, Chair (2000, 4 New Square)
  • John Critchley, Vice Chair (1985, Field Court Chambers)
  • Katrina Hanstock, Secretary (2014, Hardwicke Building)
  • Mark Eldridge (1982, 5 Pump Court)
  • Jamie Clarke (1995, Crown Office Chambers)
  • Harpreet Sandhu (2005, No 5 Chambers)
  • Gwyn Evans (2007, Tanfield Chambers)
  • Emma Price (2007, Temple Garden Chambers)
  • Frederico Singarajah (2009, Hardwicke Building)
  • Samantha Jones (2012, 7 Bedford Row)
  • John Goss (2015, 5 Essex Court)

Employed category:

  • Daniel Breger (2005, Government Legal Service)
  • Lucinda Orr (2006, Enyo Law)
  • Birgitte Hagem (2012, Crown Prosecution Service)

Circuit representatives:

  • Andrew Taylor, Wales and Chester Circuit (1984, 30 Park Place)
  • Chloe Fairley, Northern Circuit (2004, New Park Court Chambers)
  • Harpreet Sandhu, Midland Circuit (2005, No 5 Chambers)

AGIS representative

  • Molly Dyas, AGIS chair (co-opted until September 2018)

Each committee stands for a period of three years. Elections take place in Michaelmas term every third year; you can find full details regarding the election process in the Committee’s constitution which can be found in appendix B of the Inn’s Standing Orders. The next election is in December 2019.