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Pupillage Matched Funding Scheme

In order to encourage additional pupillages, the four Inns of Court have set up a Pupillage Matched Funding Scheme for those chambers whose work is predominantly publicly funded. 

The Inns will match the first six funding already provided by chambers. Chambers that would otherwise recruit one pupil, can then apply for a matched funding grant of £6,000 to fund the first six months of a second pupillage. 

Applications for a grant of £3,000 will also be considered from those chambers who have not recently provided a pupillage and would like to do so; chambers would provide £3,000 towards the first six months of pupillage. Subject to the permitted set-off of the pupil’s earnings, the second six months of the additional pupillage(s) would be funded by chambers.

Chambers are now able to elect to receive an increased level of funding of £7,000 for matched funded pupil grants from 2018, provided that all pupils in chambers receive an income of at least £14,000 for the year (a figure closer to the London Living Wage). 

2017 Applications

Applications are currently open. Applications by chambers must be completed and submitted before 5pm on Thursday 19 October 2017. 

Visit the Council of the Inns of Court website for further details and the application. 

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