Barristers' Committee 2021

The Barrister's Committee has a vital role at the Inn as the Voice of Hall. 

Five candidates from the Self-Employed bar were elected to the committee in December 2020: Victoria Ellis, Tim Forte, Samantha Jones (re-elected), Satvinder Singh Juss and Yasin Patel.

Current committee (2021)

  • Chair 
    Gwyn Evans (2007 Call, Tanfield Chambers, Self-employed)
  • Vice Chair
    Samantha Jones,  (2012 Call, 39 Essex Chambers, Self-employed)
  • Secretary
    Kabir Sondhi,  (2010 Call, 9 Bedford Row, Self-employed)
  • Junior Secretary
    Sophia Dzwig, (2017 Call, 3VB, Self-employed)
  • GIBC Bar Council Representative|
    Birgitte Hagem,  (2012 Call, Crown Prosecution Service) Employed bar)

Self-employed category

  • Jessica van der Meer (2012 Call, 2 Temple Gardens)
  • Victoria Ellis, (2010 Call, Pump Court Chambers)
  • Tim Forte, (1994 Call, 3 Temple Gardens)
  • Satvinder Singh Juss, (1989 Call, 3 Hare Court)
  • Yasin Patel, (2002 Call, Church Court Chambers)

Employed category

  • Daniel Breger (2005 Call, Government Legal Service)

Circuit representatives

  • Andrew Taylor, Wales and Chester Circuit (1984 Call, 30 Park Place)
  • Chloe Fairley, Northern Circuit (2004 Call, New Park Court Chambers)
  • Harpreet Sandhu, Midland Circuit (2005 Call, No 5 Chambers)

Association of Gray's Inn Students (AGIS) representatives

  • Nicholas Leah, AGIS President
  • Fatima Ismail, AGIS Vice President
Date posted: 19 January 2021