BPTC Students Introductory Events

All BPTC students commencing the BPTC in 2016 must attend a compulsory introductory event at the Inn. This event is incorporated into your BPTC curriculum. 

Cost: Free!

Date: Students commencing the BPTC in London will attend an introductory evening on 27 September. Students commencing the BPTC on Circuit (BPTC providers outside of London) will attend an introductory weekend on 1 October. 

Pre-Registration: You must register for this event in advance. Please complete the Introductory Events Student Registration form to register for your compulsory introductory event and to receive further details. 

If you are not commencing the BPTC in 2016, or have changed your career plans altogether, please also use this form to update the Inn. 

Date posted: 11 August 2016