City Junior School (CJS) comes to the Inn in 2022

We are very pleased at the prospect of the City Junior School (CJS) coming to Gray’s in September 2022. 

City of London School and City of London School for Girls, together with Gray’s Inn, are pleased to announce the establishment of a joint junior school for girls and boys aged between 7 and 11 at Gray’s Inn. Called City Junior School, it will open in September 2022.

The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn are delighted that the City Junior School are going to be established at the Inn from September 2022.  They will occupy a building that has supported the delivery of education since 1963 and we are delighted that its educational role will continue. 

                  Ali Malek QC, Treasurer, The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn

The school will occupy 4 Gray's Inn Place, formerly occupied by City Law School. The pupils will also benefit from having access to facilities such as the Hall for lunch (held separately to the lunch held for our Members), and a designated area of The Walks at break times. 

Options for the use of the building have been considered since 2019. Pension (the Inn's governing body) has carefully considered any potential impact upon our residents, tenants and visiting Members. The lease for the new co-educational junior school was approved by Pension following a majority vote on 11 May 2021.

Due to the planning classification of the site, agreeing a long-term lease with educational occupants allows us to avoid the disruption of a major redevelopment of the site for another purpose. However, some works to improve the appearance of the building, including new windows and doors, and a new internal layout will take place in the lead-up to 2022 to ensure no major work is required during the lifetime of the lease.

As an institution with education at its core, Gray’s Inn looks forward to welcoming CJS and in developing a long term working relationship with the School.

Email Gray's Inn with any queries. 

Date posted: 14 May 2021