Congratulations Deferred Trinity Call 2020!

Congratulations to those being called to the bar at Deferred Trinity Call 2020!

This year's ceremony will be marked with a special virtual Call to the Bar Ceremony. Members will be Called in Absentia officially, but as part of the virtual ceremony the Treasurer will give a short speech and the Under Treasurer individually confirm eligibility to be Called to the Bar. 

Being Called to the Bar is a significant step in your career, but this particular ceremony in these strange lockdown times is also an historic moment for Gray’s Inn.   

The following members of this Society have been deemed by the Masters of the Bench to be eligible for Call to the Bar:


  • Francis John James Mortin
  • Clare Georgina Bishop
  • Irsa Iqbal
  • Marlena Ann Valles
  • Janice Junie Lim
  • Verity Elizabeth Bell
  • Annette Janine Thomson
  • Karinne Yvonne Kim Huynh
  • Kristine Lucia Lidgerwood
  • Samuel James Ingram Proffitt
  • Georgios Petrochilos

The names of those called to the bar are also sent for publication in The TimesThe Telegraph and The Independent newspapers. The Library holds copies of The Times and The Telegraph. 

Date posted: 15 October 2020