Congratulations winners of Lee and Beloff Essay Prizes 2020/21!

The Inn is delighted to share the Lee Essay Prize and the Michael Beloff Essay Prize winners 2020!

The Lee Essay Prize Question  

'With the demise of civil legal aid in most areas of civil law, have the Jackson reforms of 1st April 2013 and the requirements of practising with these rules helped or hampered the quest for justice and the development of the law? Would we be better off just moving into contingency payments?'

The winners

  • 1st Place – David Lipson
  • 2nd Place – William Haslam

The Michael Beloff Essay Prize Question 

'What if anything is the relevance of unincorporated treaties, international agreements and conventions in English law?'

The winner

  • Sahar Khan

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Date posted: 10 December 2020