Covid Restrictions - 5 November to 2 December

In light of the Government’s decision to impose new Covid related restrictions with effect from 5 November, it is necessary to inform you of the impact upon the Inn.  These changes will be incorporated into the Inn’s Covid-19 page on the website for ease of reference.  Whilst these restrictions are to last until 2 December, should that period be extended, the Inn’s response described below will also continue. 

Security: All Inn gates will be closed less the vehicle entrances at Raymond and High Holborn and the vehicle exit from Gray’s Inn Square. The pedestrian gates at Warwick Court, Fulwood Place and Jockeys Field will be closed but the pedestrian gate by Matrix/Verulam will remain open; the Walks will remain closed. 

Overnight Accommodation:  The Overnight Accommodation will be closed from 5 November and any amounts paid for accommodation after that period up to 2 December will be returned. 

Library:  The Library will remain open on the same hours as currently, 10am to 4pm, and will be staffed at a minimum level.

Education Department:  All educational events will continue as planned and the Education Department will remain open as universities are planned to remain open too. 

Treasury Reception:  The Treasury Reception will remain open on weekdays between 8.30am to 4.30pm. 

Catering:  The Burghley Lounge will remain closed but external requests for filming will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

Archives:  The Archive will remain closed although the Assistant Archivist will work from home to continue the digital archiving project.

Accounts:  The Inn’s Accounts Department will remain open albeit at minimum  on-site staffing levels. There should be no change in service levels as most work will be undertaken from home

Estates Work:  The 10 South Square Project will continue as will other essential maintenance.

Chapel:  The Chapel will remain available for private prayer with the key held at the Porters’ Lodge.  It has yet to be determined how the Remembrance Service on 8 November will be conducted but it may be that a congregation cannot attend and that the Service will have to be delivered online. 

Cleaning:  Cleaning of the Inn, stairwells and communal areas will continue in order to help reduce the risk of infection and maintain the Estate.

Parking:  The system of free parking for two cars of Tenant businesses/Chambers will continue until the end of December as originally planned. Details of these cars are to be provided by Chambers/companies to the Porters’ Lodge.

Date posted: 03 November 2020