Gray's Inn Croquet Tournament 2016

Members, families and friends are invited to take part in the Gray's Inn Croquet Tournament 2016.

Dates: Sunday 5 June - Tuesday 19 July 2016
Location: The Walks
Cost: £30 for barristers and benchers (for all 13 sessions) / FREE for students, pupils and children

This is a very friendly and welcoming tournament for all levels of players. It is an excellent opportunity to mix with other members of the Inn, whether benchers, judges, eminent members of the Bar or students - Beginners are welcome at every session. A reasonable number of guests may be invited.

  • Tuition and explanation of the Gray’s Inn rules are always available
  • Wine and soft drinks served at every session
  • Play as often as you like (and drop in even if not playing)


To book your place for a weekday session, please e-mail Gray's Inn Croquet by 16:15 on the day OR complete the form below. Sunday sessions do not require booking.

  • Sunday sessions run from 15:30 - 18:00
  • Tuesday sessions run from 18:15 - 20:00


N.B. Sunday 10 July - the Inn's annual Picnic in the Walks will be followed immediately by Croquet

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Date posted: 13 May 2016