Gray's Inn Student Law Journal 2020

The 12th edition of the Gray's Inn Student Law Journal is now available to read online

This year's journal contains the below articles:

  • In ex p Smedley 1985 QB 657 Sir John Donaldson MR said “It [...] behoves the courts to be ever sensitive to the paramount need to refrain from trespassing upon the province of Parliament or, so far as this can be avoided, even appearing to do so.” Have the Courts always followed that advice?
    Ryan Ross – winner of the Lee Essay Prize 2019
  • Intellectual Property Issues Relating to Transfer of 3D Print Files 
    Dr Richard Tycross-Lewis
  • Was the Court of Appeal’s approach to the criminal and welfare issues in assessing the permissibility of the surgical separation of the conjoined twins in Re A [2001] 2 WLR 480 justifiable?
    Casey Whelan
  • Sign Me Up: automated digital signatures in Neocleous v Rees [2019] EWCH 2462
    Hugh Rowan
  • Should Dr Bawa-Garba have been prosecuted?
    Kelly Grace Gallagher
  • We Have a Drug Problem: a study of patent regimes, market forces and global health in the context of developing countries
    Sonia Larbi-Aissa
  • How far does the scope and application of the law on state responsibility serve international values?
    Suraj Bhaskaran
  • A prognostication regarding elderly care in the future: can we trust the robots with our elderly?
    Tabitha Elise
  • Two Reunions: The Good Friday Agreement and The Treaties of the European Union
    Paula Kelly
  • Cuckooing and the Modern Slavery Act 2015
    Oliver Pateman
Date posted: 10 November 2020