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Following discussion by the Inn’s Management Committee we provide guidance to Members as to how they might provide support to Ukraine through charitable donations (for which individuals might be eligible to claim tax relief) and/or by the provision of pro bono advice or other assistance. Though there are of course a number of routes available and individuals will make their own choices, it is suggested that Members may wish to consider those below:
  • Homes for Ukraine Scheme
    The Bar Council initiative
    Under Phase One of the scheme, sponsors in the UK must match with a named Ukrainian person or family. If you are a barrister or judge and willing to sponsor a Ukrainian attempting to enter the UK, please could you email the Bar Council and provide the following information:

    • Your full name
    • The first half of your postcode
    • How many people you would be willing to host in your home
    • How many bedrooms you have available in your home
    • Any requests/preferences of the individuals/families you sponsor (for example you might prefer children of a certain age if you have children, you may be prepared to accept pets)
    • Whether you would sponsor non-lawyer Ukrainians (at this early stage we are likely to only match barristers and judges with Ukrainian lawyers as that will be the simplest cohort for the Ukrainian National Bar Association to identify)
  • Paul Lowenstein QC (Twenty Essex) has just returned from delivering a cargo of medical and humanitarian supplies to brave Ukrainians who met him in the Neutral Zone between the Ukraine and Polish borders, near Lviv. He reports scenes of human need and desperation at the border, with vast numbers of Ukrainians crossing after waiting in long queues by foot and on coaches. Having seen the need and being in active communication with trusted Ukrainian contacts, Paul has identified an urgent point of need which he asks you to support:
    Donate via JustGiving

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