Pupillage Gateway Timetable Consultation

The Bar Council is considering moving the Pupillage Gateway timetable.

The Gateway timetable currently runs from the end of April, which is the closing date for pupillage applications, to August when acceptance of offers takes place. The result is that, for example, an undergraduate law student can apply in April of their third year at university for a pupillage beginning in the September or October of the following year. We are proposing to change this so that recruitment takes place between January and April, rather than between April and August. 

The feedback received in this consultation will be used to determine whether to move the Gateway timetable as proposed. Please be advised that, whatever the conclusion of the consultation, any change to the Gateway would not occur until the 2017 round.

The deadline for response is Friday 11 December 2015

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Date posted: 07 December 2015