Statement on equality and diversity

The shocking death of George Floyd in Minnesota has caused a convulsion against racism across the world.  We are at a moment when silence may be misunderstood.  Gray’s Inn as an institution is anti-racist and has long been a multi-ethnic place, which has nurtured and valued friendships founded on equal treatment and respect  between all. We are committed to diversity and openness. Racism is wicked and stupid.  It diminishes us all. All human beings deserve to be treated equally and with humanity.  We have long made efforts to encourage and include students and members of all backgrounds and races in the profession and in the life of our Inn. We have made the increase of scholarships and widening access key priorities, both for students and new members.  We are not complacent, and we will go on doing our best to support all our students and members and to ensure that race or ethnic origin are irrelevant to how we treat people.
Date posted: 12 June 2020