Gray's Inn

Access to the Inn

The Inn is a privately owned estate used by its members, tenants and licensees. 

Pedestrian and vehicular access (subject to parking charges) is permitted for those with business within the Inn. Members of the public may use the private roads within the Estate with the consent of the Inn under section 31 of the Highways Act 1980.

On site rules

Please note that cycling on the Estate is restricted. Two cycle racks are provided and motorcycle couriers are prohibited from entering South Square, Gray’s Inn Square and the roadway by Raymond Buildings. Non-residents must not bring dogs into the Inn (except guide dogs). Non-residents and residents of the Inn are not allowed to bring dogs (except guide dogs) into the Walks.

The Head Porter will remove all hawkers, disorderly people and those causing a nuisance.  CCTV is used on the Inn’s estate and images are monitored and recorded for the purposes of crime prevention and detection and the safety of persons within Gray’s Inn.  The system is controlled by the Inn.


If you would like permission to make extraordinary vehicular access arrangements, or for any enquiries regarding access to the Inn please contact the Head Porter or Deputy Head Porter. You may also speak to the Head Porter or Deputy Head Porter in person at the Porters’ Lodge located at the High Holborn entrance.

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