Gray's Inn

Disabled Access

The Inn endeavours to provide all its members and tenants with limited mobility easy access to as many of its buildings, rooms and facilities as possible.


A wheelchair ramp provides access via the rear of Hall in Gray’s Inn Square.

The Bridge Bar and Bingham Room

A disabled lift located close to the ramp at the rear of Hall in Gray’s Inn Square provides access to the Bridge Bar. A sesame lift located just outside the Bridge Bar then allows access to the Bingham Room.

The Education Department and the Library

A disability lift accessible from pavement level provides access to the ground floor for the Education Department. A passenger lift from the ground floor to the first and second floors then offers access to the Library.

The Large Pension Room and the Benchers’ Library

Access is via the Library (see Library access above) and mobile ramps from the Library to the Large Pension Room. A further mobile ramp provides access to the Benchers’ Library.

10 South Square

The Rose Heilbron Room can be accessed on the ground floor via the Field Court passage entrance. The accommodation units can then be reached using a passenger lift, which also provides access to the Bridge Bar with the addition of the sesame lift on the first floor.

Other buildings

Gray’s Inn Chambers building is equipped with a wheelchair lift from ground level and No. 5 Verulam Building offers a purpose built ramp and wheelchair assist entry. The Griffin Building provides a more modern and wheelchair friendly layout.

None of the other buildings within the Inn presently have permanent disabled access from pavement level and over half of the buildings do not have lift access. We can provide temporary mobile ramps at the request of tenants, but only on the understanding that these ramps are not tailored specifically for any particular entrance.


Disabled toilets are located on:

  • the ground floor at 10 South Square
  • the first floor at 10 South Square (the Bridge Bar)
  • the ground floor at 5 South Square (the Library entrance)

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