Seniors in Hall

The Inn’s Seniors in Hall are a committee of members of the Inn (collectively known as the Panel) responsible to the Bench and selected to fulfill certain duties in Hall during student events.

Their responsibilities include:

  • keeping good order in Hall, term-keeping Sunday lunches and such other occasions as the Bench shall identify
  • encouraging members to participate in Hall life
  • review of the customs of Hall and liaison, as appropriate, with the Barristers’ Committee

The Panel comprises of a maximum of 15 barrister members who are usually appointed in July of each year. Should you wish join, you must apply in writing to the Under Treasurer (the Inn will publicise the application deadline as it approaches). You can find full details regarding the Panel, its purpose and membership in its constitution which can be found in appendix D of the Inn’s Standing Orders.

You can find further information regarding the duties of the Seniors in Hall in Guidance for Seniors in Hall (PDF).

Current Seniors

  • Justin Hugheston-Roberts (Doyen)
  • James Davison
  • Mark Eldridge
  • Kristin Heimark
  • Amanda Jepson
  • Cheryl Jones
  • Sean Minihan
  • Richard Offord
  • Lee Schama
  • James Thacker
  • Dermot Main Thompson
  • Afolake Jaja
  • Catherine Peck
  • Rowena Wisniewska

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