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31 October 2024 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Ethics only session

This ethics session takes place on a weekday evening prior to the Advocacy weekend. Those enrolled on the New Practitioners May course will be in invited to join automatically.

Practitioners can claim 3 ethics hours from this session. It is also suited to NPs who have already gained their 9 or more advocacy hours.

It consists of points designed to teach NPs to recognise ethical problems in a number of different practical contexts within their area of practice, and to respond to such problems appropriately. Practitioners must attend for the full 3 hours regardless of how many hours they require.

Event details

Date and registration time: Thursday 31 October 2024, 5.15pm

Location: At the Inn

Dress code: Smart casual

Prep in advance: Yes – Ethics scenarios will be sent out in advance of the evening for you to read and think about, before discussing them on the night.


To register for the Ethics only session please go to New Practitioner Courses form.

Read our Events Terms & Conditions.

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