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There are many opportunities for prospective members of all levels to visit and engage with the Inn.

University Students


We run monthly tours of the Inn. These are free and open to anyone considering a career at the bar. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions about the profession and to hear from the Education Department and our residential scholars about what it’s like being a member of the Inn, how our scholarship process works and how to enhance your CV whilst at university. Most of our tours are held in person and we also offer online tours. Register your interest for a tour.

University Advocacy Day

Our Advocacy Days are a chance for university level students interested in exploring a career at the Bar to experience training in advocacy and ethics and to receive constructive feedback and tips in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, under the guidance of our practising members. Each day also includes talks from leading barristers on the key elements that make a great advocate, and how the Inn supports our members throughout their journey to the Bar and beyond.

Law/Bar societies

The Inn supports university societies looking to provide opportunities for their members to access and engage with the profession. It would be great to hear from you if you would like to discuss collaborating with the Inn to support your members.

School students


Griffin is the Inn’s vehicle for promoting social mobility and access to the Bar through engagement with pre-university students. We work with secondary and sixth form students, and partner institutions, to introduce students to the legal profession, build knowledge of the rule of law and develop skills in advocacy and persuasion. Through Griffin, the Inn aims to demystify the career at the Bar and provide a route into the profession for students that demonstrate the potential to succeed but have insufficient access to opportunity.

Find out more about our schools’ outreach.

Sustainable Recruitment AllianceSRA Logo

Gray’s Inn is a proud member of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance. In line with the ambitions of all signatories, we are continually reviewing our outreach and recruitment activities with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint. For example:

  • cancelling all future orders of unsustainable merchandise
  • collaborating with our catering team to offer increasingly sustainable food choices
  • continuing to host the majority of our university outreach events through online platforms
  • incentivising public transport for our flagship outreach events
  • reducing printed material – our prospectus is now only available in digital format and we are working to minimise printed applications throughout our scholarship processes
  • removing single-use plastics from in-person events


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University Advocacy Days

A unique opportunity for university students who are interested in a career at the bar

Griffin LAW (Law and Advocacy Workshops)

Promoting social mobility and access to the Bar in workshops with secondary and sixth form students

Education and Training

An extensive range of opportunities

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