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You are required to complete advocacy training before commencing your 2nd Six.

If you started the Bar Training Course from 2020 onwards, you are also required to pass a Professional Ethics exam.

Registering pupillage

You must register your pupillage with the Inn and the Bar Standards Board (BSB) as soon as possible.

Training during pupillage

The BSB requires all pupils to complete a Pupil Advocacy Course before commencing their 2nd Six.

If you started the Bar Training Course from 2020 onwards, you are also required to pass the BSB’s centralised assessment in Professional Ethics before you can complete your pupillage.

If you are taking pupillage in London:

  • you will be automatically booked onto our Pupil Advocacy Course once you register your pupillage with us
  • you will be contacted in early autumn with further details regarding the course
  • you will be required to attend each stage of the course

If you are taking pupillage on Circuit (outside of London):

  • you are required to attend advocacy training on Circuit.

If you are taking pupillage in the South Eastern Circuit, but not in London, and you would still like to attend our pupil course, you must be able to commit to the travel requirements needed to attend each stage in full. Depending on your location, it may be easier for you to attend training on Circuit.

GIBC Pupil Mentoring Scheme

The GIBC (Gray’s Inn Barristers’ Committee) Pupil Mentoring Scheme can be a valuable source of support as you go through pupillage. Whether you have an issue that you would feel more comfortable discussing with someone outside of Chambers or your training organisation, or you are in need of guidance about your options following completion of pupillage, it can be a real help to have a mentor from the Inn.

Apply for the Mentoring Scheme

Education Committee Hardship Fund

The Gray’s Inn Education Committee Hardship Fund supports students and pupil barristers who are experiencing short-term financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances, which could jeopardise their completion of the Bar Course or Pupillage. If you feel that you require this financial support you can request for an application.


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Further information regarding pupillage, its structure, how to apply and training during pupillage is provided by the Bar Standards Board.

The COIC Pupillage Matched Funding Scheme

Helping to provide additional pupillages


Further information regarding the Circuits, including contact details, is provided by the Bar Standards Board.

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