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There are lots of opportunities to attend Qualifying Sessions outside the Inn.

We strive to offer students studying the Bar Course on Circuit (outside London) as many options as possible.

The Qualifying Sessions

Residential Weekends and Education Days

We host two Residential Weekends and two Education Days each year for current Bar Course students. Each event covers three of the five themes needed to be Called to the Bar (Advocacy Skills, Ethics, Standards and Values and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion).

Our Residential Weekends are held in March and June in Crewe and Windsor respectively. Educational and collegiate in their nature, these weekends are a wonderful opportunity for you to meet senior members of Gray’s Inn in a relaxed informal setting, to build friendships and professional relationships and to learn the tricks of the trade.

Our Education Days take place on a Saturday in January (at the Royal Courts of Justice) and May (in Birmingham City Centre). Intensive by their nature, the Education Days are packed full of educational content but still provide the opportunity to socialise with senior Members of the Inn.

All Bar Course students will be invited by email; these cannot be booked via the online booking system or via the Registrar.

Moot Competition – 1st round

The annual Moot Competition includes four rounds.  The 1st round will take place online.

The 2nd round of the competition will take place in January alongside the Education Day at the Inn.  If Bar Course students on Circuit progress to the semi-final or final, the Inn will pay for their transport to London.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found the comments from the judge and barrister very encouraging.

Hybrid & Online events

Several Qualifying Sessions are hosted via Zoom or streamed live with many places held exclusively for those students who live and study outside of London.

Please look at events or the Gray’s Inn Online System (GIOS) for further information.

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