There are lots of opportunities to attend Qualifying Sessions outside the Inn.

We strive to offer students studying the Bar Course on Circuit (outside London) as many options as possible. 

The Qualifying Sessions

Residential weekend

We host a residential weekend each year for current Bar Course students.  Both educational and collegiate in nature, the weekend is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet senior members of Gray’s Inn in a relaxed informal setting, to build friendships and professional relationships and to learn the tricks of the trade. 

All Bar Course students will be invited by email; these cannot be booked via the online booking system or via the Registrar.

Moot Competition – 1st round

The annual Moot Competition includes four rounds.  The 1st round will take place at each provider on Circuit and will be organised by the Education Department, with the help of the Association of Gray’s Inn Students (AGIS) student representatives. 

The 2nd round of the competition will take place during the Education Weekend at the Inn.  If Bar Course students on Circuit progress to the semi-final or final, the Inn will pay for their transport to London.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found the comments from the judge and barrister very encouraging.

Inter-Inn Qualifying Sessions

The Inter-Inn Qualifying Session will be delivered by one of the four Inns (Gray’s Inn, Inner Temple, Lincoln’s Inn or Middle Temple) at or near each of the Bar Course providers on Circuit. 

The QS may be a Q&A session, a debate, a lecture on a particular legal topic, an ethics session, etc.  The educational element will be followed by a reception. In due course, the Inn that is responsible for organising the QS near you will be in direct contact with details and how to register.


  • Further details, including registration details and payment options, will be sent in advance via email to all students on Circuit
  • Event dates may vary across the providers
  • If you register, this will be taken as a serious commitment to attend

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