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The Inn’s student career service is designed to support our Members through the application process for pupillage.

Targeted support is offered at key stages of this process, through various schemes that will connect you with our network of practising barristers and judges.

Our career development team can be contacted for any enquiries relating to these schemes, or career development more generally.

Pupillage application advice

This is a valuable opportunity for feedback in advance of the Pupillage Gateway application deadline.

A barrister practising in an area of interest will review a draft application and provide personalised guidance on written advocacy.

Status: Closed

Key dates:

  • Applications open: 27 September 2024
  • Application deadline: 21 October 2024
  • Advice sessions: 14 & 22 January 2025

Pupillage mock interviews

All pupillage applicants can apply to our mock interview scheme. Improve your confidence, delivery, and presence with the support of a practising barrister.

Status: Closed

Key dates:

  • Applications open: 6 February 2025
  • Application deadline: 12 February 2025
  • Mock Interviews: 19 February & 24 February 2025


Develop a mentoring relationship with a Member of the Inn practising in an area of law you have an interest in, to enhance future pupillage applications.

Status: Closed

Key dates:

  • Applications open: 20 May 2024
  • Application deadline: 10 June 2024


A fantastic opportunity to accompany a judge in court and gain insight into the role of the judiciary, court procedure and advocacy styles, from the perspective of the Bench.

Status: Closed

Key dates:

  • Trinity Term: 3 May – 3 June 2024
  • Michaelmas Term: 2 September – 30 September 2024
  • Hilary Term: 15 November – 13 December 2024
  • Easter Term: 1 April – 29 April 2025

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