Look out for specific details by email approximately one month before Call day. 

Please ensure you meet the dress requirements for Call. Below is intended as a general schedule only.


From 3:30pm
Photography and collection of gowns. 

Evensong (optional)

Callees assemble to be briefed for the ceremony.

Guests assemble outside Hall to be seated for the ceremony.

Ceremony begins in Hall.

Ceremony ends and reception begins.

Reception ends

The ceremony

Callees are lined up in order of admission to the Inn and, when your name is read out by the Under Treasurer, you will step towards the Treasurer at the centre of the dais. The Treasurer will then “publish you barrister” and you will then join the back of the queue after collecting your certificate and barrister card.  You will then make your way to have your certificate signed before joining the reception.

Your guests will need to be at the Hall entrance half an hour prior to the ceremony starting. Whilst they are waiting for the ceremony to commence they will hear a talk on the history of Hall from the Head Porter; they will join you at the reception once the ceremony is over.  

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Qualifying Sessions

Qualifying Sessions (QSs) required in order to be called to the Bar


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