There are many opportunities for you to get involved with the Inn and the Education Department whilst you are a student member.

We encourage you to participate and take advantage of as many as possible, especially during your GDL and/or your Bar Course year.

Qualifying Sessions

Once you have joined the Inn you must complete 10 Qualifying Sessions within a two year period in order to be called to the Bar.

Career Development

We run various schemes to support your professional development throughout your career at the Bar.


Vocalise is a mentor based prison and primary school debating programme. Founded in 2010 by two of the Inn’s student members, it won the 2012 Attorney General’s Award for Best Student Pro Bono Initiative.  An excellent opportunity for some pro bono experience during your GDL or Bar Course year!

Griffin LAW

Griffin LAW (Law and Advocacy Workshops) introduce secondary and sixth form students to the legal profession, build their knowledge of the rule of law and develop their skills in advocacy and persuasion.

Gray’s Inn students who complete the eight week Griffin Mentor training programme, can become Griffin mentors and deliver an 8 week skills course for Griffin LAW.

Association of Gray’s Inn Students (AGIS)

AGIS represents all student members of the Inn and organises a variety of events, both social and educational, throughout the year. It communicates between students and the Inn’s barrister members and Bench, and between students and Bar Course providers. AGIS representatives are based at Bar Course providers both in London and on Circuit to ensure all of the Inn’s students are equally represented.

General member services

Remember, as a member of the Inn you are entitled to:

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Register your pupillage with the Inn and the Bar Standards Board (BSB) as soon as possible

New Practitioners

New Practitioners need to complete 45 hours of CPD within the three calendar years


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