Gray's Inn


You must register your pupillage with the Inn and the Bar Standards Board (BSB) as soon as possible. You are required to complete advocacy training and a Practice Management Course before commencing your 2nd Six.

Registering pupillage

You must:

Training during pupillage

The BSB requires all pupils to complete a Pupil Advocacy Course and a Practice Management Course before commencing their 2nd Six. However, the process differs slightly depending on if you are taking pupillage in London or on Circuit.

If you are taking pupillage in London:

  • you will be automatically booked onto our Pupil Advocacy Course (which incorporates the Practice Management Course) once you register your pupillage with us
  • you will be contacted in early autumn with further details regarding the course
  • you will be required to attend each stage of the course – see the Pupil Advocacy Course for the latest calendar

If you are taking pupillage on Circuit (outside of London):

  • you are required to attend advocacy training and the practice management course on Circuit

If you are taking pupillage in the South Eastern Circuit, but not in London, and you would still like to attend our pupil course, you must be able to commit to the travel requirements needed to attend each stage in full. Depending on your location, it may be easier for you to attend training on Circuit.

You are also required to complete a Forensic Accountancy Course between the start of pupillage and the end of your first three years of tenancy or employment.

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