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Your application

Your application for Call should consist of:

Email your documents to Member Services.


In order to be called in absentia, you will need to complete the application form and submit by email. Please note that allowance for call in absentia is rare.  You will need to submit your application by emailing Member Services, outlining your request and reason(s) behind not being able to attend Call


You will be invited to pay your call fees via your Gray’s Inn Booking Account (GIOS)  once you have completed your compliance requirements.

For a common scenario – being called in person with 2 guests – the fees broken down are:

Call fee £75
Your attendance at the reception £28
Guest 1 (optional) £30
Guest 2 (optional) £30
Total £163

Degree Certificate

For student members, if you did not submit a certified copy of your final undergraduate degree certificate when you applied to join the Inn, (i.e. you applied to join before your final result was conferred), we will require a certified copy of your final conferred undergraduate degree result in order for you to be Called.

The copied certificate should hold an official stamp (such as the University seal) and the certifier should state that it is a true likeness of the original. Some Post Offices provide a document certifying service, for more information visit the Post Office website.


Hilary, Deferred Trinity 2, and Michaelmas each student is permitted to invite two guests, all of whom must be over the age of 11.

Trinity each student may invite two guests to the Call ceremony and an additional two guests to the reception, all of whom must be over the age of 11.

Deferred Trinity 1 students are allowed to invite three guests, with a maximum of two adults. Guests of any age can attend this event.


For all Call days you:

  • Must submit your Call papers by the relevant deadline, or during the specific time period.
  • Are expected to be called in person
  • May be granted the right to be called in absentia, but permission for this is rare; please contact Member Services to discuss further

Barrister card photograph

The photograph that currently appears on your student membership card will be used for your barrister card. If you would like a different photograph to be used, please provide an updated passport photograph with your Call papers.

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Criminal Record Checks


Dress Requirements

All callees must wear



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