Our philosophy – and our £1.3 million fund

At Gray’s, we believe that our Members’ talent and drive should determine whether they make it to the Bar, not their financial circumstances. We are committed to ensuring that no capable individual ever falls by the wayside for financial reasons alone, and that is why each and every Gray’s scholarship is awarded entirely on merit.

If you have what it takes, the Gray’s scholarship team will do everything in our power to make your dream of becoming a barrister a reality. We understand that the costs of training are high, and that is why we will award over £1.3 million in scholarships this year.

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GDL Scholarships

Scholarships for the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

Bar course Scholarships

Scholarships for the vocational component of Bar training

Joining the Inn

Becoming a barrister is more than just a career – it’s the fulfilment of a calling